Monday, 8 August 2016

So... What is in the Body Box?

An awful lot!

There are more than this too. I have had to split two boxes into models that are simple paint jobs (this box) and those I want to alter in some way. I also have this model too, that I have just secured to his base and now he needs to be prepped before being painted. I have wanted this model since I first discovered the hobby ten years ago. 

It is the Animal Artistry Andalusian Stallion. I can't wait to paint him and have him in my showstring!

These models I am debating what colours to do on them...Perhaps a dapple grey on this Hackney pony.

I am thinking about doing a dappled chestnut on this Paso. I love this mould so much!

I also love this Templado mould. Again, I am completely stumped for what to paint him. Part of me is wondering if I can pull a nice buckskin off.

This one is an easier choice on colour for me. I want to do him a bright bay with his white socks and gentle blaze. He will be a real nice, proper shire. I don't like the colouring on him at the moment anyway!

I have more than this with just simple paint jobs waiting, too. They are primed and ready to go. I have a lot to be getting on with!


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