Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Two more Breyer Repaints

I finished one of these a couple of days ago, and the other yesterday afternoon.

The first one is a Breyer Newsworthy repaint to a palomino hunter pony. I think it was every girls' dream to have their very own palomino pony that they could jump anything on! This one has a new home lined up, so unfortunately is no longer available.

The next one is available. He is a repainted Breyer Smarty Jones model. I was running out of black paint as I was finishing him off, but luckily I had enough for him. Now, painting is on hold and I have to prep some models before I can paint more and I have to wait for some more paint to arrive. Oh well!

I plan on painting more dapple greys in the near future, as well. Right, onto prepping some ponies!


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