Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Updated Commission Information and FAQs!

After my painting comeback for a spell of two weeks after not painting for a year, it was incredibly refreshing and relieving, and so many people are interested in future works in progress and even asking if I will do commissions for them. I have just altered my Commission Information page after nearly four years (oops!) and will relay the important changes here on this blog post too.

Please also do not forget to read my Policies page! Thank you.

Do you take commissions?
Yes! Although not currently. Tomorrow I am jetting off to Mongolia for two weeks for a horse riding trek as I have been raising money for the British Horse Society's equine welfare charity for the past year. My family is also in the process of moving house in September and I am also going on a two week holiday to Spain at the end of next month. But from mid-October onwards, I do plan on opening my commission status to accepting orders. I will notify when my books are open via this website and my Facebook page.

I was wondering about starting a waiting list. If you would like to be on this waiting list do let me know.

How much for a commission?
I have recently updated my prices for when I start taking on orders in a couple of month's time. Unfortunately, materials have increased in price which has affected the rates. I have also edited how other details cost extra. To view the Commission Information page, you can click at the side of the website.

Pricing guidelines for the solid colour
This is the basic price depending on any extras you want, and the true size of the horse. PRICES AS OF OCTOBER 2016.

Micro mini (plastic) - £10
Micro mini (pewter cast) - £12

Stablemate (plastic) - £15
Stablemate (resin) - £20

Little Bit (plastic) - £20
Little Bit (resin) - £25

Classic (plastic) - £30
Classic (resin) - £40

Traditional (plastic) - £45
Traditional (resin) - £50

For medallions, please get in touch separately for a quote as these vary a great deal in both size and shape.

I can also paint the following for an extra fixed price on top.

Dapples - £5

Appaloosa Colouring - £5

Pinto Markings
Sabino - £5
Tobiano and Overo - £10
Extensive - £15

Mohair - £10
At this point in time I am only accepting model horses for mohair if they are easy to prep (i.e. no hair on the neck) or already prepped.

Roans - £10
The pricing for roans costs extra, just depending on the scale.

Portraits - £5
I am able to do portraits of real horses onto a model for people. This costs slightly extra as care has to be taken to ensure that the model horse matches the real horse.

Will you hold a model for me?
I can hold models but I do usually appreciate a holding deposit first, as more than one person may be interested in a particular model who is able to pay entirely upfront. When it comes to deposits, these are non-refundable: please refer to my Policies page. I do also not like holding onto models for more than a period of one month or so, but please do contact me so we are able to discuss things further should you have any other questions.

Do you take time payments?
I do, but I treat time payments like deposits, where they are all non-refundable. I am usually pretty flexible with time payments, and prefer to have these transactions completed within three months. These payments can be done weekly, monthly or however you choose, depending on the model and both my and your circumstances at the time. Drop me a line!

What future live shows are you attending?
Although when it comes to selling model horse repaints, I try to include UK postage in the price where possible. However, with commissions, this postage price is not included. I have been asked a few times recently what live shows I will be attending in order for people to complete transactions with me. Unfortunately, the only live show I have booked in for the rest of this year is my very own MHL European Live show in November. I do plan on attending more shows, but unfortunately other events get in the way sometimes!

I hope that I have answered a great deal of queries that anyone may have had. Remember as well that if you do want to be placed onto a 'waiting list' for commissions, please email me using the contact form at the side of my website.

Many thanks!


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