Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Studio Move Successful

Last Wednesday, we moved house hopefully for the last time back into my old family home, where I grew up. Although we still have a couple of boxes left to be unpacked, along with my studio needing to be sorted, we have all settled really quickly, especially the cat!

I organised all of my horses and I even dug some paints out to finish a couple that had been started prior to moving, including this girl, a custom Valentine Breyer.

She has been painted to a nice shade of palomino, has four socks, a blaze and even some sabino patches under her belly. 

Breed-wise, I am not too sure what she would suit, seeing as she is warmblood-built but rather a small model in comparison to other warmbloods. But I am sure there is something out there that she would fit. 

I have also recently completed two spotty ponies. This CollectA, a new mould this year, is a real favourite of mine and will probably be staying with me for a while. I painted him a leopard appaloosa, and he doesn't have too many spots compared to what I usually paint!

I LOVE CollectA models. For their size, they have so much detail and character. I love the long, flowing mane on this stallion. As for a breed, again, no idea although I am debating the standard 'appaloosa' even though they don't tend to have their manes so long!

The last custom I have to show you is another Breyer Newsworthy custom model. I was planning initially to paint him a blanket appaloosa, but I had other ideas as I was applying the spots, and I just kept going. Next thing I know, he is a rather extensive leopard colour.

This one is easier to pick a breed for: he could be a sports pony, British Spotted of the sport type, Pony of the Americas even... Maybe? He will be for sale though so that is for his owner to decide!

I have plenty more horses prepped and in the wings of being customised. I am due t go away again this coming Saturday for two weeks, so will be unavailable until October 8th. But once I am back, I am back!


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  1. That palomino Valentine is lovely! If she'd be for sale in the future I'd definitely be interested :) The appy colour suited that CollectA model so well.