Sunday, 30 October 2016

Salome Resin

This resin was released by Modellpferdeversand (MPV) a couple of years ago, sculpted by Brigitte Eberl and was sold out very quickly. Although the sculpting is, as ever, absolutely beautiful, the OF paintwork on them wasn't so much...

I have had to alter her hooves slightly as she wouldn't even stand when I first got her earlier this year second hand. Although I rectified this, she was still being a typical mare in the photo shoot.

But I am pretty sure I did this sculpture justice with the colour I used.

She will be for sale, currently looking for £100 including postage to the UK, outside the UK will be extra by about £10. Please contact me if you are interested!


Monday, 24 October 2016

Animal Artistry Resin WIP

I bought this model back in April/May time, where I have always wanted this since I ever discovered the model horse hobby. I was elated when Donna started producing the Rubbernedz and told me she had some prepped-for-hair versions of this model, as it was my dream to mohair one. I have got the main base colour down, I would like to perhaps make it somewhat less mealy and some dapples less obvious, but then he will be ready for details and the mohair.


Friday, 21 October 2016

Two Beautiful Bays

Although they both have dapples, the plaited Idocus model has more subtle ones than the Thoroughbred. I decided that I wanted to really try to make the Thoroughbred as dappled as I possibly could, and I am thrilled with the results.

I will show you the Plaited Idocus first, who is actually known as the OF Brunello model.

I didn't want to make his dapples too obvious, nor did I want him do become too dark a bay as I do like the natural light colour he has. He will be shown as a Trakehner next month at the MHL European Live.

He has a very kind and honest appearance. It is amazing how plaiting the Idocus model up changes the appearance of a model that seems pony-like into a tidy little horse!

Unfortunately it was terribly dark and overcast when I took these next photos of the Breyer Thoroughbred, Cortes C he is known in his OF form. One of his very first layers had dapples on it, and I kept adding different depths and more dapples to achieve his colour. Unfortunately, the photos do not show this but I will get more soon of him to show you. 

He looks as if he is neighing to his other fellow racers while being paraded round in the paddock before a race! I can imagine him in all of his racing gear: he would look so nice tacked up. 

I do have some more models in progress in the studio, but these are all of the newer moulds that I had. I have opened up my commission books, however, so expect to see some of those soon!


Thursday, 20 October 2016

Smart Chic Custom

I would never have thought this model suited a dapple grey colour, but he does. The only problem is, though, is that I want to enter him into a European breeds show I am holding next month in Northampton, yet all I can see in him is Quarter Horse!

I had completed him a couple of days ago, but I was working all day yesterday and wanted to seal him one extra time before glossing, so I did that this morning. It was great fun adding all of the different depths of dapples onto him. 

He will be for sale, eventually, I just need some serious help trying to find a pure or part bred mix that has European descent for the live show! I hope I am successful. Any help from you lot is hugely appreciated as well.

I always thought this model had a long neck for his body, yet overall this sculpture is pulled together quite nicely. You can see him in a Western tackset helping his rider herd cattle across the plains. What I also like is the fact that he is a 'common' colour and he hasn't been enhanced in an unrealistic way in order to make him stand out and more appealing, instead he just has a natural dazzling presence.

I also have another favour to ask. The Copperfox Connemara Custom that I completed a few days ago, is currently entered into the Copperfox Custom Competition on Facebook. If you would be so kind as to like, comment and share all you can out of this photo, it would mean so much!

I have other models in the wings of my studio, as well, I can't wait to get out into the studio again today. I do need to rest though, after a particularly long day yesterday!


Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Copperfox Connemara Finished

I finished the Connemara last night and only got photos this morning. I haven't painted a rose dapple grey in a few years, and it makes a nice change from the standard grey.

This is another mould that people didn't seem to like when it was first announced, me actually being one of them. However, once I saw her starting to appear in different colours, particularly bay and tobiano, I completely changed my mind. The good thing as well is that she is perfect for performance, in either dressage, showjumping or cross country.

She wasn't such a nightmare to prep either, I also have the Copperfox Welsh model but he was originally a Bertie (a tobiano colour) and his patches are uneven on his body. I reckon I just need to keep going with stripping him and it will all be worth it in the end, just like this girl was.

Luckily with this colour too, she can still be shown as a Connemara, and she will be going to her first live show next month. Wish me luck!


Monday, 17 October 2016

Back in the Studio, at last!

After sorting everything out in the new home and studio, I have finally been able to get the airbrush set up. I wasn't planning on doing any major painting as such today, but because I cleaned it up so well before we left it didn't need much prepping to get it going, and I ended up painting the main coat colour of this Copperfox Connemara mare.

She will be a dapple rose grey. In this photo all that was needed to be done was details, and painting the mane and tail. I have others ready to be painted as well.

I don't have colour ideas for all of them just yet, but I am hoping those that don't have any plans will let me know soon enough!

I will be getting in touch with those who are on my commission waiting list over the next few days. If you would like to be on this list, please get in touch and I will get back to you. The list isn't long at all, as I will be able to take on around three commissions at a time.

Many thanks!