Friday, 21 October 2016

Two Beautiful Bays

Although they both have dapples, the plaited Idocus model has more subtle ones than the Thoroughbred. I decided that I wanted to really try to make the Thoroughbred as dappled as I possibly could, and I am thrilled with the results.

I will show you the Plaited Idocus first, who is actually known as the OF Brunello model.

I didn't want to make his dapples too obvious, nor did I want him do become too dark a bay as I do like the natural light colour he has. He will be shown as a Trakehner next month at the MHL European Live.

He has a very kind and honest appearance. It is amazing how plaiting the Idocus model up changes the appearance of a model that seems pony-like into a tidy little horse!

Unfortunately it was terribly dark and overcast when I took these next photos of the Breyer Thoroughbred, Cortes C he is known in his OF form. One of his very first layers had dapples on it, and I kept adding different depths and more dapples to achieve his colour. Unfortunately, the photos do not show this but I will get more soon of him to show you. 

He looks as if he is neighing to his other fellow racers while being paraded round in the paddock before a race! I can imagine him in all of his racing gear: he would look so nice tacked up. 

I do have some more models in progress in the studio, but these are all of the newer moulds that I had. I have opened up my commission books, however, so expect to see some of those soon!


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