Thursday, 17 November 2016

Copperfox Welsh Commission

These photos were taken by the new owner, which she has kindly let me use with permission to show you here. Unfortunately I was unable to take good photos myself of this model due to the late nights closing in, and not having the ideal lighting conditions. It was a bit manic getting him painted in time for the European Live I took him too at the weekend as well!

This model was given to me as a blank Copperfox Canvas which I had to strip down completely and re-prep. I might do a future blog post about this ordeal! Unfortunately the primer refused to stick upon the white spray paint that was used on the canvases, which is why the stripping of them is essential. It is worthwhile though, otherwise beautiful repaints cannot be achieved.

I cannot wait to paint more Copperfox models up now, such wonderful sculptures!


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