Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Live Show Wins

On Saturday, 12th November, I held the MHL European Live in Rothersthorpe, Northampton. It was a great, relaxed show and we finished in good time around 4pm, which was ideal seeing as the nights are closing in earlier as we get ready for winter.

I would also like to quickly say a Thank You to Holly Mason who took some of these photos for me.

I showed some of my recent customs, as well as some attendees had models I had painted with them, and they also did well. My best win was this Idocus commission I recently completed, who won his class and then went on to gain reserve breed champion. I showed him as a Trakehner. I didn't do the resculpting, and although I don't know who did it was lovely work!

Needless to say, his owner was very pleased with the results. This Idocus remake that is Breyer's OF Brunello I painted to a bright bay with some minimal dapples came second as a Hanoverian in a fairly large class of Other European Warmbloods. This one is still for sale. 

The Copperfix Connemara painted to a rose dapple grey also won her class, in Other British Native. Again, she is also still for sale!

This Breyer Cortes C to a heavily dappled bright bay also won his class that consisted of other Thoroughbreds. 

I cannot actually confirm what class this one was shown in, but I painted this one a couple of years ago and has always been a favourite of mine. I loved seeing him again at the weekend and, of course, felt so happy to see that he had placed second in his class and BMECS qualified!

I painted and resculpted this one's mane back in the summer, as well as giving her a roman nose and also painting her foal. I sold the pair and I saw this one at the show, where she also did well.

The last photo I have to show you is the Copperfox Welsh Cob custom I painted as another commission. I was so pleased to see this one placing second in the British Native CM class, despite me picking up on a couple of flaws that I had to touch up on when I returned home with him. This delayed the time it took for him to be reunited with his owner but it was certainly worth the wait for her.

Of course, there were other customs of mine at the show and they all placed differently, for example thirds and fourths, and one fifth off the top of my head, but I thought I would just show you the ones I had recently completed and those that had BMECS qualified, as I feel that is a great achievement!


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