Tuesday, 6 December 2016

My New Share Pony

Unfortunately, with my old share horse Ruby, an ex-racer Thoroughbred mare, she was getting lame all the time and we weren't sure what was wrong with her. Out of the 14 months I knew her, she was lame for over 6 of those months unfortunately. Not being able to ride, as well as the lack of flexibility and even starting my new job, I had to say goodbye.

However, in another area of where I live, as I was searching the internet for other potential shares (I was REALLY missing being around horses!) this sweetheart popped up. So, everyone, meet XT - yes, that is his name!!

Much smaller compared to Ruby, who was about 16 hands or more, this pony is only 13 and a bit hands high! And yes, he is a Fjord pony. He is extremely cheeky and loves to nibble and eat your coat or anything he can get his hands on, but he moves absolutely wonderfully and is a solid, compacked thing that I feel incredibly safe on.

I am hoping to have more photos of me riding him, I have already popped him over a small jump or two and have been planning on having a jumping lesson on him. One was scheduled for today, but unfortunately so much has been going on I had to cancel.

This is another reason as to why I have been quiet. I have had two very serious incidents happen to both me and my family in the space of two weeks, and it has been so intense and frightening. I hope you can all put up with me while I sort everything out, and slowly get back on my feet. I have had to take time off work but I am hoping to return tomorrow and Thursday. It is difficult, but time will be the healer.

Thank you all so, SO much!


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