Tuesday, 17 October 2017

New!! Xavier the Fjord Gelding!

Let me introduce you to my latest finished sculpture, Xavier!

Xavier is only a few inches tall, he is slightly bigger than stablemate scale but I don't think he is quite Little Bit scale. He could easily pass for other cob-like breeds, though. Can you imagine what he would look like with a free-flowing mane?!

The face needed slightly more sanding when these photos were taken as you can probably tell. But I don't know if you can also tell how much I have improved with my sculpting from my last two models, Bailadito and Hamlet/Horatio. I also have a photo here of Xavier with a Hamlet and a Breyer Stablemate model so you can get an idea of how big he is. 

He also looks good from every angle! You can get a real feel for the power he has in his body. 

 It took me a while to get the near hind correct, all four legs have been mutilated and reattached from the armature itself, as well as his head!

This is because I sculpted him from apoxie sculpt, so the details all hardened as I sculpted him. I found this much easier than using the clay I normally use, as I was incredibly prone to squashing all the details...


If you would like a copy of Xavier, you can send a minimum deposit of £15 to the PayPal email clarestokes65@gmail.com. His full price is £36 where this includes UK postage (rest of world postage is £5). I will be sending him off for casting within this month, so he will definitely be in your hands in time for Christmas (Christmas present idea?!)

Aaand one last photo of the chunky pony for your enjoyment!

If you have any questions about him, please feel free to contact me!


Monday, 2 October 2017

This is why I have been so quiet...

Everybody, say hello to Felix!

Felix is an ISH gelding, 8 years old and full of fun. He is a very playful boy and absolutely loves attention. I bought him on 8th August and he was with me in a livery yard on the 10th! Since then his teeth, saddle and back have been checked (the first time I tried to ride him in his new home I was bucked off straight away!) and we found his back was rather week, so I need to work more on his topline.

I bought a pessoa and have been lunging him in this to improve his topline. I have only been doing it for a few weeks though, so am unable to see any major improvement. I would still be riding them, only... I managed to fracture my left ring finger while lunging him just under three weeks ago... Oops! It wasn't his fault it was a bit of a freak accident, he ran off suddenly and for some reason the lunge line was looped or wrapped around funny and... yeah...

Hopefully the fracture won't last long... Although it is a nasty accident... It is a crushed fracture in about three places. I feel so incredibly stupid! But let's hope it heals nicely.

He is a lovely chap and I look forward to spending many more happy times with him!

But I need to address the whole me not being in the studio thing... I am, and I have been painting a little bit, but things in the studio have practically grinded to a halt. I have two commissions here to finish and they are so nearly done, but time off work is another struggle I face. I am going on holiday this coming Sunday for a few days but soon I will be able to finish them, then will take a small break from having any more for a while. I will still take commissions, but I will take on much less at a time I reckon!

Take care,


Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Striking Resin Commission

This Arabian came to me as  blank resin, fresh from the mould. He still had his vents and a great deal of flash all over him. But I have manged to sort out everything, despite it taking me a bit too long compared to other commissions, mainly based on the fact that work got ridiculously stressful, I have been on and off sick and then I have just returned from holiday for the past two weeks!

But now, he is done, and he is looking wonderful as ever. 

He is extremely photogenic as well. And I can also proudly say his owner is absolutely thrilled with him, as am I. I just feel so guilty that, although he looks nice as he is, I lost his plumes while he has been here with me. I feel so bad. If anyone has any spare Animal Artistry plumes that I am allowed to purchase from you, please let me know!

The little diamonds weren't my idea either, but they really suit him and make him stand out! I didn't want to put too many on him to make him look ridiculous, but I think he has the right amount of zazz.

And one more photo for luck..!

He will be debuting at the Cantering Carousel Live later on this month, which I took so long to actually pay for and manage the logistics so I am able to attend!

Thank you all.


Saturday, 17 June 2017

Animal Artistry Rearing Andalusian

I am so happy to be able to share this horse. When I started in the hobby back in 2006, I saw this model and admired him ever since. I am so happy to finally own one, especially one I have managed to hair!

I wanted the mane and tail to look windswept, but also give the mane some form of motion in the wind as he is balancing on his hind legs. I was also really happy with how the dapples all across his coat came out. They took some time, but they really make him stand out.

I did want to try and plait his mane, but it wasn't working out unfortunately. I still need to find a way to be able to do it in the future!

Thanks for letting me share. I am so happy he is now in my personal collection and showstring.


Friday, 16 June 2017

A Show of Two Halves 2017

This was my first show of the year, and it was such good fun to catch up with fellow hobbyists, as well as meet new people and making new friends. The competition was so lovely as well, which made for some lovely photos!

I arrived shortly after 9am, where I then unpacked my models. I was showing not only my horses today, but some of Holly Mason's new customs which got some people's attention.

My table

Holly's customs I was proxy showing
Luckily, the halter classes I wanted to enter didn't start until after the lunch break, which meant I could relax while socialising and looking at how the performance classes panned out! The entries were of an impeccable standard.

This entry completely stole the show, getting the overall performance champion status. Such an innovative and creative idea!

I also liked this set-up a great deal, how the rider is caught in the moment as he is jumping off his horse.

After the performance section, we stopped for lunch and the raffle was called. I was lucky enough to win a £15 off voucher for Animal Artistry, woohoo!

The custom and OF section were next. Unfortunately the show was running very late and I had to leave early to look after the real pony, so I only entered less than half the resin classes as these weren't until after the custom section had ended. But what I did achieve, I was so happy with!

This horse, the Animal Artistry Andalusian, I had finished literally that morning at the show! His hair on his mane was being an absolute nightmare and I had to keep taming it. I managed to get it to stay in place though, and here he is in his glory.

I was also really happy with this result. My Wee Jay resin, also known as Fudge or Fudgemallow Delight, always seems to place. Back in 2012, he managed to get resin supreme reserve champion overall at a show, so he definitely has potential.

I will be making a separate post about the Andalusian resin shortly...

I am looking forward to my next show now!


Wednesday, 14 June 2017

A small new addition!

I was browsing the Model Horse Sales Pages as we all do sometimes, but I didn't realise the extensive financial repercussions that were to follow! One of these purchases was a micro mini donkey, in an incredibly similar pose to the Breyer Brighty. I have always loved the Brighty mould, and now I have my own in my collection!

She was my first micro mini in many, many years as well. I painted her up in only a couple of hours, using just acrylics handpainted on. Her name is Annabelle, and she is the cutest!

I wanted to debut her at the ASOTH Show that was on Sunday 11th (a post will be up soon!) but unfortunately the show ended up running late and I had to leave by 6pm as I had the real pony to look after. However, more shows are on the horizon!

Not sure of the scale? Here is a twenty pence piece just to show how big (or rather, small) she really is!


Friday, 2 June 2017

Getting Ready for ASOTH

My first live show of the year is a little over a week away now, and I have been painting like mad in the studio to get as many finished as possible for their debut. None are for sale now, but some will be after the show. I will keep you all informed about that.

I have also realised how many dilute horses I have here to show! I bought some new paints and I now nail the colour perfectly. First up is this Classic Morgan, she does have some light dappling although they are hard to see in this photo.

I have another horse here who I believe is a Morgan, although I think I will show him as a Quarter Horse perhaps? This one has been in progress for a while but needed tiny things finishing off. Glad he is done now!

This is the new CollectA coblet that I had pre-ordered from Chestnut Ridge and I quickly got my act together and painted him up to a buckskin tobiano, with two wall eyes. He is a favourite of mine, I am tempted to keep him.

I also painted up this Breyer Cortes C to a plain liver chestnut. He is ready to hit the races!

Now, up next, I actually painted and finished this horse way back in 2014... But she did have a couple of rubs and she wasn't glossed anywhere! So I decided to fix her up properly, and retame her mane and tail as well. She now also has gloss and I couldn't be more pleased with her.

This is also a new CollectA cob who took slightly longer than the other model, but he is now finished and is a bay tobiano.

And, last but certainly by all means not least, is Breyer's Connemara pony. She is a dappled dun colour with a two toned mane and tail, and boy is she a handful!

Thanks for letting me share and wish me luck on the 11th!