Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Mini Custom Valegro

I have had this Breyer Stablemate half completed for a few weeks and I touched up the white markings, added pinking and finished the details this morning. He is also sealed and glossed and has 'CS 17' on his belly!

Like my custom Breyer Emma, this one was meant to become a sales piece, but at this point in time I don't want to let him go just yet. I thought for a breed he could be shown as an American warmblood, as they have a great deal of leeway with their colours on horses.

He sports a bald face with two wall eyes, loads of sabino markings all over his body, two socks and two stockings. I had great fun adding his markings and making him flashy.

I wish the photos showed up the pinking on his face a bit more... Oh well, you will just have to take my word for it!


Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Custom Breyer Emma

I haven't painted a model entirely in acrylics by paintbrushes alone in a long while, so this one is a great achievement to have done. She is also my first Breyer traditional custom of the year.

I painted in pinking of areas, and muddy feet and yellowing mane and tail which unfortunately you cannot easily tell... She even has ear pinking.

I also included mapping on her black markings. I love my piebalds when they are minimal on the coloured areas, I am not entirely sure why. I think she also makes a wonderful cob, as she is a bit on the short side as well for a model but suits the partbred perfectly.

I was actually surprised I finished her today, I wasn't expecting it but she came along so smoothly. I am just grateful that, despite what has happened over the past couple of months, I have got my motivation back and I am able to finish more models.

I have plenty more models coming soon to show you including other plans which I am very excited about. Stay tuned, I am hoping it is going to be a great year!


Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Happy New Year! New Year, New Customs

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and that an even better New Year is on the way. The past couple of months have been absolutely ludicrous for me, however I am hoping to hear back about my job soon and then I will be able to move forward with my current situation.

I was lucky enough to get what I have wanted for the past few months for Christmas! I was given an airbrush extractor booth. I plan on one day moving my studio indoors when I finally get a new place of my own, where this booth will be perfect for what I need. I was also gifted this Totilas body, where his mane was resculpted I believe by Elizabeth Bull. I can't wait to paint him!

I have newly finished these Little Bit scale customs. The first one is a commission, who I have just sent these photos to the new owner. I hope she likes him!

I enjoyed painting him, especially the unique freeze mark that this horse is based on. I know that he will be cherished in his future home.

The others I have finished are all Schleich models, the first one being a Quarter Horse that I painted to a simple chestnut in colour. Sometimes less is more, and I didn't think that this model needed any extra markings to make him stand out. 

The next one could be seen as a foal to this Quarter Horse, although he is a gelding... I wanted to do some different markings on the foal, and I thought an overo pattern would suit him pretty well. 

The last one I have to show you in this blog post is the rearing mustang I painted to a dark bay tobiano. He has a couple of areas on him that have some hair detailing but only in a couple of patches.

I have more in progress, including prepping a bunch of horses, one of which is a commission, but I am also in the middle of painting these two. The cob at the back I am particularly proud of, as he is being painted entirely with paintbrushed acrylics and not with my airbrush at all. I can't wait until he is done. I was meant to paint him as a sales piece however this might not be for sale after all... Sorry!

I also wanted to share a new sculpture that I had been working on last month, known as Bernard. I finished him over a week or so, and I am so proud of him as I think he is my best sculpture to date. I have purchased all the moulding materials, so this coming weekend I will get making some copies of him and will sell him for as cheap as I can. I plan on doing a couple of giveaways as well so stay tuned!

Thank you for letting me share. I cannot wait to post more!