Monday, 13 March 2017

Bernard Medallion in Resin

I was hoping I would get the ball rolling with casting my little Bernard medallion sooner than this, but I guess real life got in the way with moving house and I have been working some very long hours these past couple of weeks on top of it all! But, in between the shifts while I have been at home I had been working on his mould and on Friday night, cast my first two Bernard medallions.

He casts so, so well! This medallion is the raw casting and all that needs doing is the edges need straightening and sanding down. But he is pretty much good to go. I caught a photo of the resin as it is mid-way through curing in the mould. It cures in the shape of the horse head first, because of the density of the resin and obviously it is warmer as the chemical reaction takes place for the two components to mix and harden.

The first time I tried moulding him, it went wrong. The moulding material I used had a short pot life so when it came to me finally mixing the two components together and then pouring, it was setting! Bernard's ear also came off too because the mixture was too thick and pushed it I reckon. The mould actually, considering what happened, only had a couple of air pockets... But obviously it simply wasn't good enough, despite a missing ear!!

I persevered and bought a new load of moulding chemicals though, I carefully selected one with a longer pot life yet an overall shorter cure time. This stuff is amazing! I have already cast six medallions now, and plan on doing a whole load more today.

Now the important details if you want one!~~

Bernard is £10 each, but if you buy one you can get a second one half price. Postage is not included but will be a flat rate of £3 for the UK, and £5 for the rest of the world. If you would like one, please just contact me either using the form on the side of the website, or through my email

Thank you everyone! I plan on painting one or two when I can as well...


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