Thursday, 30 March 2017

Better photos of some customs!

I managed to get a new background after the purple one I used previously wasn't the best. I also used a different camera as I could control the settings more so the photos turned out a great deal better.

And, while I am posting, I thought I would share some images of this Breyer Newsworthy custom I painted to a leopard spot appaloosa. He does have a couple of bumps in places with his paintwork but he is such a loud colour, he really is a great little model! He is currently for sale, priced at £50 including postage to the UK (outside the UK will be an extra £10) but I am also open to sensible offers.


He would make such a fantastic Hunter Pony under some tack, don't you think? I really do love the colour of the new background as well, incredibly vibrant so it helps the colours I paint to stand out.

I have to go now though, I have been diagnosed with a nasty chest infection and really should be resting...!


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