Friday, 31 March 2017

In the Studio!

Just as I thought I had pretty much successfully cleared out the bodies in my studio, I do some digging and, well... That is definitely not the case! Oops!

Despite this photo, I also have a Horsing Around Paddington resin I am going to paint as a Fjord (I did one about seven years ago and sold him and miss him terribly so going to do another, slightly different one!) and two Animal Artistry minis. I do have rough plans for them all...

Valegro - loud leopard appaloosa... A bit like this guy?!

2. Breyer Wyatt - I will be resculpting this one a little bit... I need to do something creative to the base though which I am still working out how I am going to do it!
3. Breyer Quarter Horse - her name escapes me for the minute but I am thinking a lovely dappled golden palomino. And sabino marks?!
4. 2x Breyer Donkeys - one I want to customise the ears s he is a little grumpy. I will be doing one a tobiano that is for sure!
5. Breyer Connemara - thinking about doing a resculpt on the mane and tail for her.
6. Copperfox Welsh - dapple silver bay
7. Copperfox ISH - will be a dark bay and with mohair.

I obviously have more than what I have just mentioned here as you can see but time will tell what they will end up being...


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