Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Copperfox Welsh Commission

I finished this Copperfox commission yesterday, and I am pleased to say the owner is just as thrilled with him as I am! He is such a rich colour and I made every effort to ensure he was as close to the portrait photos I was given as possible.

The real horse himself had a multitoned mane and tail, including a silvery black streak in his tail which I enjoyed copying.

I was also pleased with how the light feathering turned out on his front feet! He is a very photogenic little model.

Handsome face!

If you would like a commission, I have full books for now but should be able to take on more models within a month or so. If interested, please read my 'Commission Information' page on this website and then get in touch using the form on the right!


Monday, 24 April 2017

Animal Artistry Resin

This resin, when I initially bought him, had a great deal of flash on him as he was more or less straight from the mould when I bought him from Donna back in November. He was classed as a 'second' casting as he had some airbubbles in places and wasn't perfect to be sold as a normal casting, so I gladly took on the challenge!

The model on the right, before any work done
I finished him on Saturday morning, and he will now reside in my collection under the name 'Xtra Terrestrial'.

He is named so after my loan pony, known as XT, who is a much lighter dun coloured Fjord than this chap but this model is a 'portrait' of him for my collection.

I hope you all have a good week!


Saturday, 22 April 2017

Harley D Zipp Custom

I tried some new colours out on my Harley Breyer model I had, with every intention of him becoming a palomino colour. I am so pleased with the outcome and how rich his palomino coat is. I know that I probably didn't need to add the overo markings, as the sculpture itself is very detailed and charming, but the white patches really do make a difference and he has become striking.

I don't really know what else to say, the photos do enough of the talking!

He is for sale, I am pricing him at £75 including postage to the UK, overseas would be extra for shipping. Feel free to contact me if you are interested!

Friday, 21 April 2017

Been a little quiet!

Despite working solid for the past few weeks, meaning no time to properly unwind and get any real studio work done, I did also make a short trip abroad to Lisbon, in Portugal, over the Easter weekend. It was a well needed break, but it is good to be back and I finally have time in the studio!

We did an awful lot of sightseeing, as well as eating! But it is good to be back. Although, I am looking forward to my next trip: I am beach riding in the South of Spain in July!

Anyway, back in the studio and I have made a start on one of the many commissions currently in the studio. The first of these is a Copperfox Welsh, to a portrait of the owner's beloved (and handsome!) horse. I have painted this model to a flaxen chestnut before, but he was much lighter and less livery than this one. This first picture is once the main basecoat was finished yesterday.

Once I painted the eyes in properly and added in the markings, though, he really started to come to life! In this photo, he just needs his whites doing and the front legs blending in a bit more.

I will leave it all at that for now, I will be sure to update you before I return to work on Sunday. I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter!