Friday, 21 April 2017

Been a little quiet!

Despite working solid for the past few weeks, meaning no time to properly unwind and get any real studio work done, I did also make a short trip abroad to Lisbon, in Portugal, over the Easter weekend. It was a well needed break, but it is good to be back and I finally have time in the studio!

We did an awful lot of sightseeing, as well as eating! But it is good to be back. Although, I am looking forward to my next trip: I am beach riding in the South of Spain in July!

Anyway, back in the studio and I have made a start on one of the many commissions currently in the studio. The first of these is a Copperfox Welsh, to a portrait of the owner's beloved (and handsome!) horse. I have painted this model to a flaxen chestnut before, but he was much lighter and less livery than this one. This first picture is once the main basecoat was finished yesterday.

Once I painted the eyes in properly and added in the markings, though, he really started to come to life! In this photo, he just needs his whites doing and the front legs blending in a bit more.

I will leave it all at that for now, I will be sure to update you before I return to work on Sunday. I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter!


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