Friday, 16 June 2017

A Show of Two Halves 2017

This was my first show of the year, and it was such good fun to catch up with fellow hobbyists, as well as meet new people and making new friends. The competition was so lovely as well, which made for some lovely photos!

I arrived shortly after 9am, where I then unpacked my models. I was showing not only my horses today, but some of Holly Mason's new customs which got some people's attention.

My table

Holly's customs I was proxy showing
Luckily, the halter classes I wanted to enter didn't start until after the lunch break, which meant I could relax while socialising and looking at how the performance classes panned out! The entries were of an impeccable standard.

This entry completely stole the show, getting the overall performance champion status. Such an innovative and creative idea!

I also liked this set-up a great deal, how the rider is caught in the moment as he is jumping off his horse.

After the performance section, we stopped for lunch and the raffle was called. I was lucky enough to win a £15 off voucher for Animal Artistry, woohoo!

The custom and OF section were next. Unfortunately the show was running very late and I had to leave early to look after the real pony, so I only entered less than half the resin classes as these weren't until after the custom section had ended. But what I did achieve, I was so happy with!

This horse, the Animal Artistry Andalusian, I had finished literally that morning at the show! His hair on his mane was being an absolute nightmare and I had to keep taming it. I managed to get it to stay in place though, and here he is in his glory.

I was also really happy with this result. My Wee Jay resin, also known as Fudge or Fudgemallow Delight, always seems to place. Back in 2012, he managed to get resin supreme reserve champion overall at a show, so he definitely has potential.

I will be making a separate post about the Andalusian resin shortly...

I am looking forward to my next show now!


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  1. You have really put a great effort in this show plus the stuff are really amazing. Wish you a very best of luck for the future