Wednesday, 14 June 2017

A small new addition!

I was browsing the Model Horse Sales Pages as we all do sometimes, but I didn't realise the extensive financial repercussions that were to follow! One of these purchases was a micro mini donkey, in an incredibly similar pose to the Breyer Brighty. I have always loved the Brighty mould, and now I have my own in my collection!

She was my first micro mini in many, many years as well. I painted her up in only a couple of hours, using just acrylics handpainted on. Her name is Annabelle, and she is the cutest!

I wanted to debut her at the ASOTH Show that was on Sunday 11th (a post will be up soon!) but unfortunately the show ended up running late and I had to leave by 6pm as I had the real pony to look after. However, more shows are on the horizon!

Not sure of the scale? Here is a twenty pence piece just to show how big (or rather, small) she really is!


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  1. you are a great artist, incredible art, you have made outstanding sculptures of horses specially of xavier , i am really impressed,keep it up,good luck for future.