Friday, 2 June 2017

Getting Ready for ASOTH

My first live show of the year is a little over a week away now, and I have been painting like mad in the studio to get as many finished as possible for their debut. None are for sale now, but some will be after the show. I will keep you all informed about that.

I have also realised how many dilute horses I have here to show! I bought some new paints and I now nail the colour perfectly. First up is this Classic Morgan, she does have some light dappling although they are hard to see in this photo.

I have another horse here who I believe is a Morgan, although I think I will show him as a Quarter Horse perhaps? This one has been in progress for a while but needed tiny things finishing off. Glad he is done now!

This is the new CollectA coblet that I had pre-ordered from Chestnut Ridge and I quickly got my act together and painted him up to a buckskin tobiano, with two wall eyes. He is a favourite of mine, I am tempted to keep him.

I also painted up this Breyer Cortes C to a plain liver chestnut. He is ready to hit the races!

Now, up next, I actually painted and finished this horse way back in 2014... But she did have a couple of rubs and she wasn't glossed anywhere! So I decided to fix her up properly, and retame her mane and tail as well. She now also has gloss and I couldn't be more pleased with her.

This is also a new CollectA cob who took slightly longer than the other model, but he is now finished and is a bay tobiano.

And, last but certainly by all means not least, is Breyer's Connemara pony. She is a dappled dun colour with a two toned mane and tail, and boy is she a handful!

Thanks for letting me share and wish me luck on the 11th!


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  1. All these horses look so real. All the artist has done a wonderful job. It must be a difficult for the judges to decide a winner, as they all are so talented.