Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Striking Resin Commission

This Arabian came to me as  blank resin, fresh from the mould. He still had his vents and a great deal of flash all over him. But I have manged to sort out everything, despite it taking me a bit too long compared to other commissions, mainly based on the fact that work got ridiculously stressful, I have been on and off sick and then I have just returned from holiday for the past two weeks!

But now, he is done, and he is looking wonderful as ever. 

He is extremely photogenic as well. And I can also proudly say his owner is absolutely thrilled with him, as am I. I just feel so guilty that, although he looks nice as he is, I lost his plumes while he has been here with me. I feel so bad. If anyone has any spare Animal Artistry plumes that I am allowed to purchase from you, please let me know!

The little diamonds weren't my idea either, but they really suit him and make him stand out! I didn't want to put too many on him to make him look ridiculous, but I think he has the right amount of zazz.

And one more photo for luck..!

He will be debuting at the Cantering Carousel Live later on this month, which I took so long to actually pay for and manage the logistics so I am able to attend!

Thank you all.