Monday, 2 October 2017

This is why I have been so quiet...

Everybody, say hello to Felix!

Felix is an ISH gelding, 8 years old and full of fun. He is a very playful boy and absolutely loves attention. I bought him on 8th August and he was with me in a livery yard on the 10th! Since then his teeth, saddle and back have been checked (the first time I tried to ride him in his new home I was bucked off straight away!) and we found his back was rather week, so I need to work more on his topline.

I bought a pessoa and have been lunging him in this to improve his topline. I have only been doing it for a few weeks though, so am unable to see any major improvement. I would still be riding them, only... I managed to fracture my left ring finger while lunging him just under three weeks ago... Oops! It wasn't his fault it was a bit of a freak accident, he ran off suddenly and for some reason the lunge line was looped or wrapped around funny and... yeah...

Hopefully the fracture won't last long... Although it is a nasty accident... It is a crushed fracture in about three places. I feel so incredibly stupid! But let's hope it heals nicely.

He is a lovely chap and I look forward to spending many more happy times with him!

But I need to address the whole me not being in the studio thing... I am, and I have been painting a little bit, but things in the studio have practically grinded to a halt. I have two commissions here to finish and they are so nearly done, but time off work is another struggle I face. I am going on holiday this coming Sunday for a few days but soon I will be able to finish them, then will take a small break from having any more for a while. I will still take commissions, but I will take on much less at a time I reckon!

Take care,



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