Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Micro Mini Mania!

I had always admired Maggie Bennett's micro mini models. I have many painted by myself in my collection, I have also sold some around the world and I even had a go at sculpting some at that scale! I fell in love when she started the subscription service to them but when she announced that anniversary models would be a micro mini scaled Trenzetter, I signed up without hesitation. Now, having received January through to March, I become even more excited for the following model!

Middle is January, right is February and left is March. 

I do find it rather frustrating though... Every single parcel has arrived with a customs fee! That is a 100% failure rate right now!! But I would always pay the ransom. I am beginning to wonder if they will all receive the charge...

It is hard to pick a favourite, but I adore how Maggie has captured the weight distribution changes on this model's overall structure, as well as the dynamic mane and tail.

I thought, while I had all the kit out photographing these ones, why don't I grab some of the ones I have actually painted, and take some photos of them? I also made some dioramas for them recently with paper mache, and even little bridges made from matchsticks!

This following photo is not the best at all, but I just love how he is frolicking through a little valley there!

This one isn't using one of my dioramas, but I did resculpt her nearly ten years ago! Can you believe it?! She is a portrait of one of the huge cob type mares I learnt to ride on, called Trudy.

All of the micro minis here that I have painted have actually been cast in Pewter metal, so they are quite heavy and not what you would expect! This little one, like all of Maggie's subscription micros, is cast in resin. I could not resist one of these when I saw him, one of my first in this scale for years.

And last, but never least, is Waffle. This pony is a multi-prize winning champion, taking home rosettes from quite a few shows! All of which, obviously, absolutely overshadow him!

I can't wait to paint my current three! Does anyone have any colour suggestions? Feel free to comment some below!


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