Wednesday, 18 April 2018

My first custom of 2018!

The day has finally arrived where I have actually PAINTED something!

This is the 2017 CollectA Tennessee Walking Horse mare that I airbrushed to a boring old chestnut, but the plain colour really suits her. I gave her a nice big blaze though.

Before painting her I had to really give my airbrush a deep clean where the paint feeds in rather than the needle end. It wasn't working at all so I had a closer look and there was a huge blockage! As soon as I got that cleared up then I was away.

I am loving how these photos turned out as well!

I do have some more in the works, but I will have to show you these at a later date. I hope you enjoy this one for now!


1 comment:

  1. She looks lovely! I absolutely have a thing for CollectA horses and this TWH mold has me thinking about another purchase!
    If I may ask... do you ever struggle with repainting CollectA? I don't have an airbrush and I'm really struggling to keep the paint on top of the primer, no matter how much I seal between layers.