Saturday, 14 April 2018

Pony Project Heaven... Or Hell?

I really, REALLY hope I do this purchase justice!

Back in March I bought a complete set of the new Breyer Mystery Horses set. The main reason being there were two brand new models within the box and I really wanted to have a go customising them! I thought I would end up doing something with the other models... I just had no idea what. Eep! Let's just hope I pull this off.

In the full box, is a number of the following different horses. You are guaranteed a certain number of all of them.

I unpacked them all and gave them all a look over, looking for inspiration on what to do with them. I thought I could pull off simple resculpting of manes and tails, but then I thought... Why not make it more complicated? I have pulled it off before and I also don't think my heat gun could have become any more dusty!

So I got the dremmel and heat gun, made some subtle changes here and there, and this is the result of the first batch...

Eventually there will be a little acrylic rod holding him up, as he is launching himself into a full blown kick. This next one, I had a few different ideas...

Here are a couple more, this isn't going to be all though! I do have other ideas.


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