Thursday, 8 November 2018

Customer Photos

I thought it would be a lovely touch to post some photos of models that have well and truly settled into their new homes. If you have any photos of models painted or sculpted by me, feel free to email me with them as I love to see them!

The last I heard, these two reside in Germany.

This one is an AA resin I painted and haired, she lives in the States and as you can see, really suits purple!

This one was a lovely commission for a lady who resides in Austria.

This traditional unicorn is all the way up in the north of the UK! Doesn't she look fantastic on the beach!! The AA Arabian also lives there.

It is also so lovely seeing other artists bring my sculptures to life. This one was painted by the talented Amanda Greaves of Ymagiers studios.

This one was painted by Karen Grieves.

 And who remembers my Todd medallion, the first medallion I sculpted and reproduced!? Here is one painted to a gorgeous roan by Christine Sutcliffe, who also lives in Scotland.

As well as the Todd medallion, she resculpted slightly the Horatio model to a highland and also the Hamlet looks BEAUTIFUL as a show cob.

 The last two I have to show you today are two Breyer Traditional models. I love their photos, they look so lifelike.

Remember to share more photos with me if you have any, and you could be featured! I hope you enjoy.


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