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Here is all the information about my commission slots. My turnaround time is very flexible, being as little as two weeks to as long as two months, depending on the commission. If you need your horse finished for a specific time or date, please let me know, although it may affect your pricing.

Please note as of January 2020 I am unfortunately unable to do resculpting work and repairwork, I will only be able to provide minimal prepping (seam/logo removal and priming) and the paintwork. This is due to the high demand of commissions I receive.

Please also see my policies!

My commission orders include:

1. Glossing in in the eyes, hooves and nostrils (optional).

2. Three colours in the eye, including the highlights and lowlights, and the pupil.

3. Free facial and leg markings (extensive markings extra). 

4. Hoof growth detailing and chestnuts.


I am afraid that I am unable to give good estimates for pricing, because of the complexity of offers I can give. Please read the following.

Pricing guidelines for the solid colour
This is the basic price depending on any extras you want, and the true size of the horse. PRICES AS OF JANUARY 2020:

Micro mini (plastic) - £20
Micro mini (pewter or resin) - £30

Stablemate (plastic) - £30
Stablemate (resin) - £40

Little Bit (plastic) - £35
Little Bit (resin) - £45

Classic (plastic) - £50
Classic (resin) - £60

Traditional (plastic) - £65
Traditional (resin) - £75


For medallions, please get in touch separately for a quote as these vary a great deal in both size and shape. 

I can also paint the following for an extra fixed price on top.

Dapples - £10

Appaloosa Colouring - £10

Pinto Markings
Sabino - £5
Tobiano and Overo - £15
Extensive - £20

Mohair - £20
At this point in time I am only accepting model horses for mohair if they are easy to prep (i.e. no hair on the neck) or already prepped.

Roans - £15
The pricing for roans costs extra, just depending on the scale.

Portraits - £10
I am able to do portraits of real horses onto a model for people. This costs slightly extra as care has to be taken to ensure that the model horse matches the real horse.


All prices listed as above do not include postage. This will be charged on top of the final price and varies depending on location. Prices to the UK are from £3.50 and outside of the UK are from £10. I do not send the items out until full payment is received: if the customer wishes, I do accept time payments through the painting process.

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