Prince is a cantering cob/friesian gelding with a kind heart and happy nature. He would look incredible in all sorts of colours, I cannot wait to see a rainbow of them!

Prince is currently being cast and is an open edition ready for ordering. He is classed as a 'mini' resin as he is in between stablemate and little bit scale, and is priced at £40 each including UK postage (overseas is extra). If you would like a Prince, please use the order form below. 

I am now able to offer RAW* castings of Prince! These are discounted to £35 each including UK postage. If you would like a raw casting, please let me know in the order form below. I thought I should offer this option up for those confident with prepping who want a little discount.

*A 'raw' casting is fresh from the mould; a little more prep work is needed than normal, such as extra seams and the sprues need sanding off. Apart from that, it is the same regular model! 

Prince Request Form
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